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Tabidus Technology is a cybersecurity association that unites independent security companies in collaborative security solutions. The association thus represents an alternative to the use of individual security providers. Find out more about our tasks, goals and how we, as a holistic contact, can help you implement your cyber defence.


Collaborative security solutions are the new way to protect against cyber threats. They allow the flexible activation and combination of security companies on click, within a joint security product. This operating mode provides a new way of dealing with security technologies and new perspectives for designing cyber defence. Get to know the first collaborative systems and convince yourself of their efficiency.


Get to know the security companies and their approaches to cyber defence that are already available through the Tabidus Technology Association. Each of our providers has its own individual technology and level of knowledge in order to detect known and unknown cyber threats. Select the vendors that are right for you at any time, combine them as you wish and put the providers into operation by click.

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The evolution of cyber threats creates a threat landscape that is steadily increasing in size, complexity and diversity. It has thus become impossible for a single security company to identify and prevent all global threats in good time. One of the main tasks of the association is therefore the technical cooperation of security providers to enable a collective cyber defence. Find out here how the interaction of independent security technologies can help you with cybersecurity.


Not only cyber threats, but also the protective measures to be taken pose ever greater challenges for companies. From planning to implementation to ongoing operations, cybersecurity became a complex issue. Tabidus Technology therefore offers the use of security companies in an agile form. Find out here how the new way of dealing with security technologies works, how you can enforce your strategic decisions on click and how that simplifies operations.


Everyone has heard of or experienced cyber threats already. But what specific dangers are lurking for you in the cyber world? Here we provide an overview of the different types of threats and the techniques required to detect them. You can also find out here how cyber threats find their way to you and which attack surface you need to secure for your protection.

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Would you like to find out more about the Tabidus Association in a more compact form? No problem! How is cybersecurity changing? Why was Tabidus Technology founded? How can the Association of Security Companies help implement security measures? What new perspectives does this open up for companies? In our whitepaper we answer all of these questions and more. Download it now and immerse yourself in the world of united cyber defence.

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