Tabidus Technology is your gate to the global protection measures against malware. As a specialist for diverse redundant security systems, we combine the global vendors of anti-malware technologies, in homogenous systems. With this, extended security for your IT infrastructure is only a keystroke away.

The mass of malware that circulating year by year is increasing drastically, and representing a growing danger. Malicious code is also usually involved in the increasing cyberattacks against companies. The required protection measures against these threats include ever more security products and technologies, which must be operated simultaneously. This presents companies with increasing costs and operational effort for IT security, as well as complex evaluation processes to find compatible security systems.

In reaction to this situation, Tabidus Technology, headquartered in Vienna, was founded in 2012. Supported by Austrian scientists and renowned security vendors, the diverse redundant security approach was developed through years of research. As a result, this revolutionises the usage and handling of anti-malware technologies in companies.

Tabidus Technology eliminates the existing compatibility limits of security technologies and enabling smooth collaboration between them. At the same time, their usage is made fully flexible, to achieve the optimum protection effect in every environment, at all times. You will thus be in the position, for the first time, to combine various security vendors at will and adjust your security needs with a keystroke.


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