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Avira Logo

Avira’s scan engines utilize the most advanced machine learning, heuristics and generics. They identify and block malicious code from infiltrating and infecting clients, devices, networks and systems.

Zero-Day and APT protection
AI platform NightVisionTM
Community Intelligence
False-Positive control
Lightweight scanning engine
Award-winning technology
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Cyren Logo

Cyren is leading a revolution in internet security by utilizing extensive cloud intelligence to provide the fastest protection available. Industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Check Point trust Cyren to secure millions of users and billions of daily internet transactions.

Big data analytics
Advanced heuristics
Recurrent pattern detection
Behavioral sandboxing
Machine Learning technologies
GlobalViewTM Security Cloud
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IKARUS Security Software Logo

The IKARUS scan.engine detects and analyses viruses and files with harmful behaviour. The technology is based on sophisticated virus analysis: Partly automated and partly manually, all data is analysed, executed, simulated and monitored in a multi-stages process.

Behaviour-based Heuristics
Sandboxing / Simulation
Exploit detection
Script analysis
Cloud-less approach
Multi-stage scanning
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Malware has evolved over time and so have the approaches to detect them. In the following we would like to give you an overview of the different approaches that vendors currently use to identify threats. It should be noted that not a single approach can identify every threat, but a mixture of different technologies is required to be able to offer adequate protection.

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