Endpoint Detection and Response ???

EDR is the name of the current trend in IT security, which some call the future of cyber security. What exactly is behind it, for whom is this approach suitable and what can it do? Time for the Tabidus Association to take a look and educate. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is currently on everyone's lips. Almost all security vendors have already included EDR solutions in their product portfolio, a large number of new vendors are now providing “threat detection [...]

Tabidus Technology is on the rise with IKARUS Security Software

The IT security association Tabidus Technology continues its mission to unify the global cybersecurity providers. After Avira and Cyren, the association now welcomes IKARUS Security Software to its ranks, providing their anti-malware technology by click. Vienna, November 26, 2019 – Tabidus Technology is an association for IT security vendors with the mission of enabling the technical collaboration of cybersecurity providers in a new way. After Avira and Cyren, IKARUS Security Software is now the third vendor to provide its [...]

Tabidus and Cyren Partner for Endpoint Security

Cyren starts the partnership with the IT security association Tabidus Technology and make its anti-malware technology now available for agile Windows endpoint protection. Vienna/Berlin, 4.11.2019 – Tabidus Technology is expanding the capabilities of its universal endpoint security solution for Microsoft Windows by integrating Cyren anti-malware scanning. Cyren is an industry leader in threat detection, with more than 1.3 billion users around the world relying on its services and technologies to protect them against cyber attacks and data loss every [...]

Tabidus Technology, together with Avira, launches a new form of Endpoint Protection

Cybersecurity pioneer, Avira, and IT security association, Tabidus Technology, announce their partnership. This partnership makes Avira the first anti-malware vendor whose technology to fight malware is available by click. The online security specialist, Avira, and the IT security association, Tabidus Technology, announce their cooperation. With the signing today of Travis Witteveen (CEO of Avira – and Thomas Peschke (CEO of Tabidus Technology –, the alliance of both companies has been sealed. The goal of this partnership is [...]

New security strategies for the Windows virus protection

The flexible use of security vendors ‘by click’ allows a new handling of virus protection for Windows. The IT security association, Tabidus Technology, provides insights into the world of agile malware protection and explains four basic strategies that companies can use to design their endpoint protection. Agile malware protection is based on the approach of activating anti-malware technologies by click instead of installing individual security products. This is made possible by the integration of various security vendors into a neutral [...]

FALSE-POSITIVES | When virus protection becomes a threat

Antivirus programs and other security measures serve our protection. But what happens if the security system itself becomes a threat? The IT security association Tabidus Technology has dealt with this problem. Here, we will explain the correlations and how catastrophes can be prevented. “Reports of PC crashes piling up in the past few hours: In Australia, supermarkets have been forced to close due to the breakdown of the PC-POS. At chip manufacturer Intel, according to witnesses, most of the [...]

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