New security strategies for the Windows virus protection

The flexible use of security vendors ‘by click’ allows a new handling of virus protection for Windows. The IT security association, Tabidus Technology, provides insights into the world of agile malware protection and explains four basic strategies that companies can use to design their endpoint protection. Agile malware protection is based on the approach of activating anti-malware technologies by click instead of installing individual security products. This is made possible by the integration of various security vendors into a neutral [...]

FALSE-POSITIVES | When virus protection becomes a threat

Antivirus programs and other security measures serve our protection. But what happens if the security system itself becomes a threat? The IT security association Tabidus Technology has dealt with this problem. Here, we will explain the correlations and how catastrophes can be prevented. “Reports of PC crashes piling up in the past few hours: In Australia, supermarkets have been forced to close due to the breakdown of the PC-POS. At chip manufacturer Intel, according to witnesses, most of the departments [...]

Security from the Cloud – The Pros and Cons

The trend in cloud solutions is progressing unabated and does not stop with cybersecurity. Time for the team of Tabidus Technology to take a critical look at the pros and cons of this approach. For years, companies have increasingly relied on clouds to provide their data and parts of the IT infrastructure more flexibly and cost-effectively. Many cybersecurity vendors have also discovered this trend and move their security mechanisms and other services to their data centres rather than running [...]

Agile Malware Protection – The New Trend In IT Security?

The technical progress in IT brings many advantages, but also has its downsides. Cyber threats, especially through malware, have been a big topic for years and are steadily on the rise. Not only is the mass and frequency rapidly increasing, but also their diversity and complexity. In order to keep pace with the ever-changing threat situation, a wide range of technologies and approaches are needed, which must evolve and adapt in the same way. These currently range from traditional virus [...]

Common Malware Types Your Business Needs To Be Aware Of

Malware is an umbrella term which comprises an array of different kinds of cyber threats. Generally, malware is defined as a piece of malicious software that causes damage to clients, servers or networks once introduced into a device. Each kind of malware performs attacks in different ways, with different effects, and for a range of purposes. These are the most common forms of malware that businesses and individuals often come into contact with. All are equally important to be [...]

Why Is The Digital World Dangerous For Businesses?

The digital era has, as we all know, greatly benefitted the world in many ways. The way businesses work has been transformed by the technological changes we have seen over the past two decades, in particular. However, these transformations have not come without negative side-effects. With mass connectivity has come a number of dangers, dangers of which businesses large and small must be acutely aware. Aside from the ever-present threat of network attacks, among the biggest threats facing companies’ IT [...]