Cyren starts the partnership with the IT security association Tabidus Technology and make its anti-malware technology now available for agile Windows endpoint protection.

Vienna/Berlin, 4.11.2019 – Tabidus Technology is expanding the capabilities of its universal endpoint security solution for Microsoft Windows by integrating Cyren anti-malware scanning. Cyren is an industry leader in threat detection, with more than 1.3 billion users around the world relying on its services and technologies to protect them against cyber attacks and data loss every day. This includes its threat intelligence solutions for service providers and security vendors like Microsoft, Google and Check Point. With the Tabidus Technology Association, Cyren’s anti-malware technology now becomes available for the agile protection of Windows clients and servers.

Tabidus Technology is an association for IT security providers which Avira has already joined. Now Cyren is the next security company to profit from the benefits of the association. With its innovative United Endpoint Protector, Tabidus is providing a new way for enterprises to use anti-malware technologies by integrating the core technologies of all vendors in a unified base platform. By installing this base system, instead of an individual security solution, IT administrators can activate and combine different anti-malware technologies at will, effectively creating a layered security approach for malware – by just pointing and clicking. This new approach to security technologies enables enterprises to deploy innovations faster and easier, while benefiting from multiple, independent security layers at the same time.

The Cyren technology included in the United Endpoint Protector gives users a high-performance scan engine with advanced heuristics that detects new threats in real time. Additionally, access to millions of classic signatures is provided to stop malware threats that are being recycled, an often overlooked phenomenon. At the heart of Cyren’s threat detection is its GlobalViewTM security cloud, which processes 25 billion Internet transactions and blocks over 300 million threats daily, and supports the local scan engine with Cyren’s patented Recurrent Pattern DetectionTM, among other technologies. This breadth and depth of Internet traffic visibility, combined with efficient, high-speed detection methodologies, allows the Cyren scan engine, once activated in the United Endpoint Protector, to quickly identify and block known and unknown threats.

„Collaborating with Tabidus is another way for us to get Cyren’s core detection capabilities to the endpoint market, and the resulting end-customer flexibility and ease of deployment Tabidus offers is fantastic”, said Brett Jackson, CEO of Cyren.

“It has been exciting for us during the integration phase to see how well the Cyren technology performs for Windows endpoint malware defense. The very good performance metrics and detection rates of the Cyren engine astounded us”, said Thomas Lebinger, CTO of Tabidus Technology.

The United Endpoint Protector can be tested together with the Cyren technology beginning November 2019 for free. Registration is now available here: Free Trial