The IT security association Tabidus Technology continues its mission to unify the global cybersecurity providers. After Avira and Cyren, the association now welcomes IKARUS Security Software to its ranks, providing their anti-malware technology by click.

Vienna, November 26, 2019 – Tabidus Technology is an association for IT security vendors with the mission of enabling the technical collaboration of cybersecurity providers in a new way. After Avira and Cyren, IKARUS Security Software is now the third vendor to provide its protection potential through the Association for enterprises.

In order to facilitate the technical collaboration of the security vendors, Tabidus has developed a community security system, the United Endpoint Protector. At the heart of this system, for Windows endpoint protection, lies an agile scan framework in which the different core technologies of the vendors have been embedded. With the help of technology licences, these can be unlocked at any time and used flexibly. This includes the simultaneous activation and combination of several providers.

This flexible handling of anti-malware technologies is designed to enable businesses to benefit from multiple security capabilities simultaneously, build multi-vendor strategies by click, and make technical innovations easier and faster to deploy.

The Austrian security vendor, IKARUS Security Software, expands the association’s technology portfolio, with over 30 years of experience in cyber threats and an advanced carrier-grade content scanning engine. It discovers, analyses and eliminates malware, vulnerabilities and exploits through a multi-stages process. In addition to extensive virus signatures, IKARUS Security Software relies on behaviour-based heuristics and local sandboxing to immediately identify new types of threats.

”The Tabidus approach, of providing users a flexibly combinable malware protection, supports our mission to make professional antivirus protection affordable and applicable to all,“ says Joe Pichlmayr, CEO of IKARUS Security Software. “New cyber threats require an innovative and multi-layered response. We look forward to bringing our technologies to the IT security association, Tabidus.“

“Having one of the pioneers and most experienced security vendors at our side in the fight against global cyber threats is a significant step for us. I believe companies will be excited about the performance and detection rate of IKARUS‘ technology,“ says Thomas Peschke, CEO of Tabidus Technology.