Cybersecurity pioneer, Avira, and IT security association, Tabidus Technology, announce their partnership. This partnership makes Avira the first anti-malware vendor whose technology to fight malware is available by click.

The online security specialist, Avira, and the IT security association, Tabidus Technology, announce their cooperation. With the signing today of Travis Witteveen (CEO of Avira – and Thomas Peschke (CEO of Tabidus Technology –, the alliance of both companies has been sealed. The goal of this partnership is to provide an agile malware protection, which the Tabidus Technology Association has committed to.

“Activate instead of installing“ is the motto under which Tabidus Technology, together with Avira, begins a new era of antivirus protection for companies. It lifts current restrictions on the choice of security providers and the use of anti-malware technologies. Instead of installing an individual security solution, a variety of vendors and technologies are available for IT security via a neutral base system from the association. These can be activated at any time by click and flexibly combined. Customers benefit not only from multiple protection potentials at the same time, but also the ability to pursue innovative security strategies. From permanent use of multiple vendors to spontaneous activation in an emergency, the use cases are limitless.

With over 30 years of experience, Avira is a pioneer when it comes to IT security and innovation. Now the provider is the first vendor that is agile-available. Machine Learning, Heuristic and Generics are the technological approaches that Avira brings to the field. In addition to a high performance local engine, the Avira Protection Cloud, with the third generation of NightVisionTM, provides companies state-of-the-art AI models for detecting known and unknown cyber threats.

“We are very proud to be able to offer such top-class technology, within our security association, which has impressed us with their detection rates and performance metrics,” said Thomas Lebinger, CTO of Tabidus Technology.

“The Tabidus concept gives companies additional flexibility and the choice to use the best possible technology,” says Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira. “Today’s cyber threats call for innovative and multi-layered answers. We are very pleased to bring our solutions into the IT security association, Tabidus.”

The United Endpoint Protector is the first base system which is provided by Tabidus Technology. This covers the endpoint protection of Windows clients and server and can be tested for free from November 2019. Registrations are now available here: Register Now