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Tabidus Technology is a cybersecurity association that unites the worldwide available protective measures against cyber threats in collaborative security solutions. This provides you with an alternative to implementing your cybersecurity, compared to the use of individual security products. How we can help you with your security and what role the association plays in the cybersecurity industry is presented below.


The cybersecurity industry provides a wide range of security vendors, levels of knowledge, approaches and technologies for protection against cyber threats.

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The cybersecurity association unites the global protection options of the security industry in collaborative security products and helps to use the measurements more easily and flexibly.

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Whether as a private individual or as a company, taking protective measures against cyber threats is a must for every computer user. For this, you can either use single offers from the cybersecurity industry or the Tabidus Association. If the association is used to implement your cybersecurity, a multitude of advantages are available, through the collaborative security products, which are presented in more detail below.

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It has become impossible for a single security company to identify all global cyber threats in time. With collaborative security products, the association therefore provides platforms, that allow the technical cooperation of vendors. In these, the individual levels of knowledge, approaches and technologies can be combined at will, for a collective defence against threats.

In order to keep up with cyber threats, protective measures must be deployable quickly and easily. For this purpose, the association provides, with its collaborative security products, an agile operating mode for security technologies. These allow to activate the desired providers and technologies on click, instead of having to laboriously implement individual security products.

Adequate cybersecurity must not be reserved for large companies that have the necessary know-how and resources. With its approaches, the association therefore aims to simplify the operation of security technologies. Elimination of migration projects, reduction of administrative expenses and avoidance of retraining of administrators are just a few of the aspects.

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Collaborative Products of the Cybersecurity Association


New security approaches, technologies and providers are constantly available on the market for protection against cyber threats. The association sees it as its task to evaluate new protection options and to prepare them for rapid use. By updating the collaborative security products, the new measures are delivered and can be used, if desired, on click.

Especially when using several security providers, different license models, procurement channels and support with technical problems can be complicated. The association therefore takes on these tasks on behalf of the individual providers. As a holistic contact, we offer cross-vendor support and standardize the license models and sales channels.

The primary goal of Tabidus is the development of vendor-independent security products. With these, the association provides neutral platforms to use a wide variety of security providers, levels of knowledge, approaches and technologies, flexibly, in any combination, for protection against cyber threats.

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The global threat landscape is subject to constant change and confronts us with an increasing number of ever more diverse and complex cyber threats. In response, the cybersecurity industry is increasingly providing security vendors, technologies, and approaches to protection that should be strategically deployed. This made cybersecurity a complex chess game in which more and more pieces have to be moved and controlled.

Due to the increasing number of security companies, however, it is becoming more and more difficult to control them. The cybersecurity association was therefore founded as the common denominator of the security industry. Its primary tasks are to make the mass of potential security measures controllable, to remove technical restrictions and to enable them to be activated quickly if necessary. This is the basis for making quick, strategic moves in the chess game.

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With the unification of security companies and the provision of collaborative security products, the association is fundamentally changing the use of cybersecurity. You can now decide whether you want to use a single provider or an association of providers for your cybersecurity. If a collaborative system is used instead of an individual security solution, this opens up new possibilities and perspectives for your security.


Whether you want to test a new security approach, change your security provider or urgently need support in an emergency, all you need to do is press a button. In a collaborative security system, any changes are made by activating modules. This shortens the implementation of your strategic decisions from weeks or months to minutes and saves time, money and effort.

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Countering all potential cyber threats with a single security provider has become impossible. With the cybersecurity association, on the other hand, you not only have a free choice of vendors, you can also combine them as you wish. With this, it is no longer necessary to entrust your security to a single provider, but can benefit from several security potentials at the same time.

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If you use security companies through the association, you get more flexibility in various aspects. You can activate the best providers for each of your application areas, instead of having to cover everything with a single provider. The agile use of vendors also opens up new planning options for your security strategy. Who should take on which task when, over what period of time? In addition, the association constantly provides new security companies, technologies and approaches that you can use at any time on click.

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Especially when several, individual security providers are used, problems often arise in their interaction and responsibility. Services that have to be paid twice due to incompatible license models, “support ping-pong” for technical problems and much more. With the cybersecurity association, however, you have a holistic contact person. From procurement to cross-vendor support, we are responsible for all of your concerns.

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„The use of two or more software products protecting against malware across the information processing environment from different vendors and technology can improve the effectiveness of malware protection.” (ISO 27002 – Controls against Malware)

To meet compliance requirements, more often multiple security vendors have to be used. The association enables you to implement true multi-vendor strategies by click, with unchanged operating expenses.

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To implement the extensive tasks of the association, Tabidus Technology has been working with various companies and institutions for years. Get to know our partners and we would be happy to work with you in the future too.

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