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For over three decades, Avira has led the  development of anti-malware technologies. Today, that technology is embedded within the security solutions of many of the world’s leading security companies.

Avira understand that there is no one technology that can protect against the broad threat landscape that threatens consumers and businesses alike. Consequently, the Avira scan engines now utilize the most advanced machine learning, heuristics and generics to identify and block malicious code from infiltrating networks and executing on devices.

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Within the Avira scan engine lies an intelligent detection system. It leverages code anomalies and structure analysis, supported by the most advanced machine learning systems. This approach enables Avira scan engines to deliver performance that far exceeds other engines, covering a greater spectrum of malware than classic signatures while achieving the industry’s lowest false positive rate.

This advanced design ensures Avira’s scan engines deliver performance and detection; they start up to 70% faster and operate in up to 75% less memory space than competing solutions. It achieves this without compromise, delivering award-winning detection rates.

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World-class threat intelligence is at the core of any detection system, and lies at the heart of Avira’s scan engine technology. No matter what form malware takes, no matter where it is found, outbreaks are identified by Avira’s global sensor network. Avira takes this data, and within the Avira Protection Cloud, develop it into valuable threat intelligence using sophisticated file and behavior analysis engines and NightVisionTM AI.

Avira scan engines and virtual machines consume this intelligence in the form of machine learning models, heuristics and generics.



The Avira Protection Cloud uses innovative systems and algorithms – including Avira’s third-generation AI platform, NightVisionTM – to classify the file in real time and provide feedback to the anti-malware system. The combination of a lightweight scanning engine with near unlimited cloud computing power delivers the best performing scan engine available combined with a very fast response time.

Not every network or system can share suspicious files with a cloud security service (such as the Avira Protection Cloud) for analysis. Client devices may not be connected to the internet, or files may contain highly private or classified information. In these cases, the scan engine can be deployed in offline mode, relying on regular updates from the Avira Protection Cloud.


Avira’s unique False Positive Control ensures exceptional false positive detections are identified in real-time and are prevented from impacting the performance of scan engines. At the heart of Avira’s zero-day threat detection capability lies NightVisionTM. NightVisionTM uses an ensemble of machine learning techniques because Avira has got the experience and skills in-house to choose the right model for the right job.

The result is a system that benefits from super-low false positive rates and retraining times measured in minutes. This means Avira attains award-winning levels of accuracy and customers remain vulnerable to new malware for the shortest possible time.

At Avira, we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy life online safely, securely, and privately. And that’s something we’ve believed in for decades. In that time, we’ve built a base of over 100 million customers and pioneered the freemium software business model—offering high quality, market-leading security products to everyone.

Our journey has been marked by strong growth in a volatile industry. Driven by the vision of providing online freedom, Avira has grown into a 500-strong multinational company that protects the digital lives of millions of users worldwide

The shores of Lake Constance, where Avira was founded and has its HQ still today, belong to surrounding countries, but the lake itself is the only place in Europe where no borders exist. A result of ‘thinking without borders’ that has contributed to Avira’s success in the IT security profession for 30 years.

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