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Cyren is leading a revolution in internet security by utilizing extensive cloud intelligence to provide the fastest protection available. Industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Check Point trust Cyren to secure millions of users and billions of daily internet transactions.

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Cyren provides an array of proprietary technologies, ranging from algorithms and behavioral analytics to big data, machine learning, and advanced threats research.

By automating advanced analytics within the cloud, Cyren utilizes its extensive detection capabilities to identify and block threats faster than any other solution.

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The Cyren Anti-Malware engine is powered by Cyren’s GlobalViewTM cloud infrastructure and its patented Recurrent Pattern DetectionTM technology. Cyren analyzes over 25 billion internet transactions daily and blocks over 300 million threats, providing real-time protection.


  • Cyren proprietary detection engines leveraging big data analytics, advanced heuristics, recurrent pattern detection, behavioral sandboxing, and machine learning technologies

  • Single-pass streaming architecture applies multiple detection techniques in parallel
  • Fully automated real-time threat identification with zero human intervention
  • Multi-vector threat analysis across web, DNS, email and files
  • Distributed, massively scalable, fault tolerant


  • Massive cloud infrastructure holding malicious URL classifications and malware threat signatures
  • Indicator of compromise include domains, URLs, files, IP addresses, and more
  • Classification of both known bad and known good elements
  • Heuristic rulesets to identify known malware variants that can’t be identified by signatures
  • Pattern classification database of unique, identifiable message attributes identifying known spam and malware outbreaks


25+ billion security transactions daily

1.3+ billion users protected

300+ million threats blocked daily

500,000+ email accounts in honeypot network

Traffic from 180+ countries

Mix of enterprise and consumer traffic

Cyren Logo

Cyren is on a mission to build the strongest internet security for the cloud era. We are breaking through the limitations imposed by appliances to eliminate the window of exposure and keep organizations immune from next-generation cyber threats. In our world, businesses are protected at the speed of the cloud.

The Cyren team is comprised of top authorities on cybersecurity and cloud technology, and seasoned business leaders responsible for launching disruptive technology at Fortune 500 companies and leading tech firms.

Cyren is an active partner and established thought leader engaged with a wide range of industry organizations and standards committees on a collective mission to build a safer internet.

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