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Install the community base system (United Endpoint Protector) on your computer, instead of a traditional anti-virus solution.

How It Works 2


Unlock desired security vendors in the community base system any time with the help of technology licenses.

How It Works 3


Activate the unlocked security vendors in the various security features of the community base system, in every desired combination.

The United Malware Protection approach offers you a new method to use cybersecurity vendors. Instead of installing individual antivirus solutions, you can activate and combine the various anti-malware technologies by click in a community base system. With this, you can flexibly determine the anti-malware vendors and technologies according to each security feature, each endpoint and each application area. Decide yourself whether to use a single vendor or take a multi-vendor approach with several technologies. The combination possibilities are unlimited. Your decisions do not have to be made for eternity, either. With only a few mouse clicks, you can rearrange the security vendors, switch off currently running ones or bring new ones into effect. For this, install the United Endpoint Protector on your Windows endpoint, instead of a traditional antivirus solution. Afterwards you can decide at any time which vendors you would like to use. You can unlock them, without a new software roll-out, simply with the help of licenses. The technologies available with this can then be activated and combined with others in the various security features. You will also be supported in this by the United Control Center, to implement your decisions across the network.

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Universal Scan Framework

Anyone who has experience with malware protection and the available security solutions and providers will have come to the following conclusion: All products have certain similarities; the user interfaces, the features, the security techniques used. The results for malware identification, on the other hand, are quite different.

That’s not surprising. All these products have the same task to perform, and the most up-to-date techniques provide the framework for their solution. Nevertheless, each vendor follows its own path, with its own know-how, its own philosophy, with its own resources and thus achieves different results. These can differ in aspects such as performance, stability, handling and so on – especially in the detection of threats. All the vendors agree on some malware samples, but not all of them.

Multi-Engine Failed

The simple use of multiple vendors at the same time to combine their detection rates and opportunities may seem like an obvious solution. But, anyone who tries this quickly realises that this is not a good idea. The reason for this is simple: each product tries to fulfill the same task, using similar components and thus colliding with similar products. The consequences range from performance problems, to instability, to the crash of the computer system.

How is collaboration possible?

Multi-Engine Architecture

Tabidus solves this problem and allows for technical collaboration between the different vendors. The need for flexibility is also taken into account. The desires and needs of enterprises, with regard to the anti-malware vendors to be used, are diverse and can not be met with fixed combinations.

The protection of a security product is not based on its user interface or management options, but on the technology used inside. Collisions with other products are mainly caused by those components that exist around the core technology. Tabidus therefore reduces a vendor to its technology core, removes all other components and replaces them with communal ones, which are simultaneously available for all vendors. In addition, these dynamic components include a multitude of tasks to ensure coordinated collaboration across technologies.

This creates a community security product that is based on a scanning framework in which the different technology cores of different providers are embedded. These can be activated at any time, used by click and combined as desired. This allows multi-vendor collaboration without the traditional problems of multi-scanning, whilst optimising all the benefits of the multi-vendor approach.

The simultaneous use of multiple security vendors can certainly offer many benefits, especially if that can happen flexibly. Traditional security products are not meant for joint use, meaning that combining them is problematic. To do so properly requires a special setup, such as a community scanning framework from a dedicated vendor, such as the IT security association Tabidus Technology, who oversees the coordination of various technologies and ensures smooth collaboration.

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