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The United Endpoint Protector is the first agile anti-malware solution for your Windows clients and server. Equipped with multiple cybersecurity vendors, it offers you – on-premise – a wide range of anti-malware technologies for your Windows endpoint protection, which are available to you by click. Decide yourself which ones you want to use, combine all anti-malware technologies at will and adjust your selection to each of your application areas.

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How It Works 1


Install the United Endpoint Protector on your computer, instead of a traditional anti-virus solution.

How It Works 2


Unlock desired security vendors in the United Endpoint Protector any time with the help of technology licenses.

How It Works 3


Activate the unlocked security vendors in the various security features of the United Endpoint Protector, in every desired combination.

The United Endpoint Protector offers you new possibilities to operate cybersecurity vendors. For the first time, you can flexibly determine the anti-malware vendors and technologies according to each security feature, each endpoint and each application area. Decide yourself whether to use a single vendor or take a multi-vendor approach with several technologies. The combination possibilities are unlimited. Your decisions do not have to be made for eternity, either. With only a few mouse clicks, you can rearrange the security vendors, switch off currently running ones or bring new ones into effect. For this, install the United Endpoint Protector on your Windows endpoint, instead of a traditional antivirus solution. Afterwards you can decide at any time which vendors you would like to use. You can unlock them, without a new software roll-out, simply with our technology licences. The technologies available with this can then be activated and combined with others in the various security features. You will also be supported in this by the United Control Center, to implement your decisions across the network.



Layered Defense


Malware has developed into complex software over the course of time. Modern variants no longer consist of a single file, instead they perform complex actions. As well as the creation of malicious files, malicious processes are started, and legitimate ones are attacked. Erroneous entries in the Windows Registry are created and existing ones are manipulated. Each of these behaviours is often well camouflaged, not recognisable with the naked eye and quickly has catastrophic consequences.

A smart attacker requires a smart opponent, the United Endpoint Protector! Its security features cover all the different paths along which malware can move on an Windows endpoint. On each of these levels, you can strategically place the various anti-malware technologies to detect and fight all malicious activities.


Malicious files are the number one malware incident factor, and can arrive on your endpoint in a variety of ways. With File Security, you can monitor every file access on your hard drives in real time and automatically check them with multiple vendors. You can thus fight all file-based actions of a malware and prevent an infection, usually right in the beginning stage.

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Memory is used by malware to execute malicious codes on your endpoint. You should, therefore, have it regularly checked by Memory Security. With up to 8 forensic methods, it covers every code execution, which you can immediately have evaluated by multiple vendors. This eliminates actively-executed malware from the memory and provides detailed feedback about all processes.

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The Windows Registry is a favourite attack target for malware to create auto-start entries, storing their own data and modifying existing entries. Monitor all manipulation attempts with the Registry Security, even before they are made. You can have all changes checked for harmful signs, in real time, and thus prevent malware from implanting.

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Actively hunt for malware, with multiple vendors. Comb through all the areas of your endpoint, for undiscovered or inactive threats. The CPU load for this can amount to less than 5 %, to avoid disturbing the user.

Immediately receive the latest information about known malware and zero-day attacks, as well as access to artificial intelligence from the research centres of the vendors. In each security feature, you can enable various clouds for this purpose. These information sources are then automatically included in the fight against malware. Your detection rates are thus always up to the latest state of knowledge.

Not just detecting, but also the clean-up of malware can be performed with joint forces. You can thus ensure that the threat is not just partially removed. To avoid false alarms in this process, you can set the actions to be executed according to the number of vendors that have recognised a threat.

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A piece of malware is not yet recognised by the technologies used? No problem! In each security feature, you can define unwanted objects that should be treated as malware. You can thus create a preventive protection or immediately act in an emergency.

Regardless of how many vendors you currently use, in which features. All information flows together into an integrated status-reporting. You can evaluate your security status at a glance and receive all the information to optimise your configuration.


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2012 R2

  • Windows 2016

  • Windows 2019


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